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Super Loot Addon Minecraft PE

Super Loot Addon Minecraft PE

If you were looking for balanced Minecraft PE mod, which will slightly increase the loot, Super Loot Addon is just what you need. However, it will affect game difficulty too.

Creator: Hatchet_master

Anyway, Super Loot Addon is very fair. We mean that behavior of vast of Minecraft PE mobs was changed to match the increased loot, so it is much harder to kill any of them.

Nevertheless, this add-on affects the villagers too. Their amount of hearts was increased and the trade offers became more balanced. Let us tell you some words about the most important mob changes:
  • Zombies became faster and obtained additional attack damage.
  • Spiders now can kill you with one single hit.
  • All the spawning chests automatically get the loot buff.
  • Amount of hearts of friendly or neutral mobs was increased.
  • Horses are much faster.
  • Wolves get 15x health buff, 10x damage per attack and 6x attack range. Still they can be tamed with the rotten flash and healed by golden apples.
  1. Download Behavior .McPack or Mirror
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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