» » » The Haunted Tunnel [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

The Haunted Tunnel [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

The Haunted Tunnel [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

The time has come! The Haunted Tunnel is the first Minecraft PE adventure, which has its own system requirements, but most of modern smartphones will meet them with ease!

Creator: DarkPower202

Yeah, The Haunted Tunnel is a horror, but it slightly differs from other Minecraft PE horror-advenures, because there is a lot of tasks and puzzles. As for us, it was exiting gaming experience, so we want each of you to try it out. Still, if it is easy to scare you, please, pass by this adventure.

You will spawn in the tunnel, where group of miners died in 1978. Legends say that their spirits still somewhere out there. There is no escape, because exit is locked and your only chance to be saved is to find the way out. If you will fail, you will just join the army of ghosts, but want to live, don’t you? Rules are simple – do not break blocks and do not die a lot. By the way, you should not try to launch this adventure on low-end device, because it may lag due to amount of command blocks in it.

  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • World cheats enabled (but don’t cheat)
  • Don’t break blocks/bypass
  • Avoid using other resource packs as it will bug the map’s resource pack
  • Don’t die, OK?!

Published: Kukusya; Category: Adventure maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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Alena 5 January 2018 10:45
This map was awesome!! It should have a movie for how much of a horror map this is!! I wouldn't stop screaming when the jump scares came on!!

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