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TRG Village [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

TRG Village [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Take a journey to the times, when mighty King Arthur builds new country, dragons are real and the Merlin is hiding somewhere in the tower. TRG Village for Minecraft PE will help you to do it.

Creators: xXRubyGamersXx

Most of creatures for Minecraft PE just copy some real castles from the medieval ages, while TRG Village is something brand new. Detailed streets, houses with bright and colorful roofs, and, of course, towers in the center of town.

You might wonder, what does TRG means? The Ruby Gamers is the great developing team that was inspired by castles, fantasy and real ones, so they decided to create some combination of both types of structures. We found this creation suitable for any kind of roleplaying games, but we hope that somebody will try it out as PVP-arena. If you have already done it, please, tell us about how does it feels.

Published: Kukusya; Category: Creation maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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