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Mob Upgrades Addon Minecraft PE

Mob Upgrades Addon Minecraft PE

Mob Upgrades Addon is one of the most balanced ones, because hostile and friendly mobs were boosted almost equally. This mod will help you to diversify Minecraft PE world inhabitants.

Creator: Sirconol

Balance is so difficult to get, especially if we are talking about Minecraft PE mods, but Mob Upgrades Addon proves us that it is still possible to achieve equal powers of mobs’ alliances. By the way, fans of hardcore gaming experience should check it out too!

There were a lot of changes, but we picked the most valuable ones to save your time. The list is below.
  • Arrows fly slightly faster and deal four damage per single hit.
  • Arrow bursts became much more dangerous, fire burst can slow you.
  • Horses spawn with increased health and movement speed, so it is harder to tame them. In addition, they can attack players, so be extremely careful!
  • Wolves are now immune to fire, have 20-attack damage and 50 hearts, most of them feel the power, so get ready for possible attacks. Moreover, bones are not estimated by wolves so high, but you can tame one only by the diamond.

The creator noticed that it is only the first version of Mob Upgrades Addon, so he is going to improve the mechanics in the nearest feature.

  1. Download Behavior .McPack or Mirror
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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