Crispy Addon Minecraft PE

Crispy Addon Minecraft PE

Are you tired of cooking even in Minecraft PE? Do you want to save time and get cooked food straight from mobs? Crispy Addon makes your wishes come true!

Creator: Sirconol

Many people does not like to cook and we are not the exception. However, when in real life you have to waste o lot of time for it, in Minecraft PE, you may just download and install the Crispy Addon. Forget about the raw meat and vegetables – all food from loot had been already cooked!

Even slime now drops slimeballs! Keep in mind that after installing of Crispy Addon, loot from some creatures (i.e. spiders) will be slightly changed. By the way, creator of this addon for MCPE underlined that Crispy Addon was designed for Vladdu11, who always complain him about creating add-ons that make game much more difficult.
  • All animals drop cooked meat
  • Slime drops slimeballs (including large and medium slimes)
  • Spiders drop Fermented Spider Eyes (which means that the eyes of spiders have fermented in their sockets.. ewwww…)
  • Sheered sheep drop wool and cooked mutton
  • And maybe some other
  1. Download Behavior .McPack or Mirror
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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