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Transformers Addon Minecraft PE

Transformers Addon Minecraft PE

Transformers Addon provides the most detailed versions of giant robots across all Minecraft PE universe. Even if you are not a fan of this franchise, you definitely have to check it out!

Creator: StarkTMA

There are a lot of Transformers comics and movies fans among Minecraft PE players and Transformers Addon brings six new mobs into MCPE universe. Each of them has its own behavior model and, of course, creatures can turn into certain vehicle. Let us take a closer look!
  • Optimus Prime was iron golem in previous life, so it is friendly to players and villagers. It has thirty attack damage and 300 hearts.

    - Replaces iron golem
    - Friendly (Autobots Side)
    - Transforms randomly into a truck (snow golem)
    - Truck shoots explosives
    - Health: 200-300 hearts
    - Attack damage: 20 – 25
    - Ride truck similar to riding a horse

  • Wither skeleton was replaced Bumblebee. While Optimus can combat only during his true form, this troop has 200 hearts and shoots explosive projectiles even while you ride it.

    - Attack damage: 20 – 40
    - Shoots explosives
    - Health: 150 – 175 hearts
    - Replaces wither skeleton
    - Transforms randomly into a car vehicle
    - Shoots explosives
    - Health: 150 – 200 hearts
    - Replaces witches
    - Rideable similar to horses

  • Grimlock replaces zombies, but it is not an autobot, it is dinobot. It means that is giant robot dinosaur that could be mounted only by Optimus Prime. Anyway, it is friendly too.

    - Attack damage: 200 – 400 (one-hit-kill)
    - Shoots explosives at random
    - Health: 400 – 475 hearts
    - Replaces zombie
    - Rideable by Optimus Prime only

  • Blackout turns into helicopter and replaces creper in Minecraft PE. He is extremely hostile among players and autobots, so beware!
    - Replaces creeper
    - Hostile (Decepticons Side)
    - Transforms randomly into a helicopter (blaze)
    - Helicopter shoots missiles
    - Health: 100-150 hearts
    - Attack damage: 20 – 25

  • Shockwave cannot transform into any vehicle, but it does not matter, because it has great weapon arsenal, so you need to call for help to fight it!

    - Replaces the evoker
    - Health: 200-225 hearts
    - Shoots large fireballs
    - Hostile towards players

  • Starscream replaced skeleton. It is able to transform, but when it is a plane, it is completely harmless.

    - Replaces skeleton
    - Transforms into a fighter aircraft
    - Hostile towards players (melee attack)

  • There are also several item changes, so we want you to check them out on your own. Have fun!

    - Custom sounds for mobs
    - All emeralds items and blocks have been replaced by Energon which will work as a healing material in an upcoming version
    - Bow, arrows and snowballs are alien-human weapon prototypes
  1. Download Resource .McPack or Mirror
  2. Download Behavior .McPack or Mirror
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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