» » » Space Survival [Minigame] [Survival] Map Minecraft PE

Space Survival [Minigame] [Survival] Map Minecraft PE

Space Survival [Minigame] [Survival] Map Minecraft PE

Space Survival is some kind of test for every Minecraft PE player. Are you good enough in mining and exploring? Are you the most creative builder? Prove it in open space!

Creator: Fizzman797

There are a lot of famous strategy games, where you have to start from small planet to conquer the galaxy. Space Survival for Minecraft PE is pretty the same. It consists of several home planets and endless amount of two-block planets, which can be used by players to get the resources.

Thus, you will spawn on your planet and you goal is to make it the best one in the universe! You can teleport to every new planed and then go back. By the way, this mini-game for Minecraft PE allows you to play with your friends, and it will be much funnier, if you would compete each other! Some of you may find out that creator combined sky islands and space, and you will be right!

  • Play in survival mode
  • Any difficulty
  • As many players you want


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