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Entity 404 Boss Addon Minecraft PE

Entity 404 Boss Addon Minecraft PE

Entity 404 Boss Addon brings living nightmare into Minecraft PE world. You may hear a lot about this legendary creature, but are you ready to fight it?

Creator: Jujustyle7

If you want to scare a child or a girl, just tell them creepy story during the night, but if you want to scare Minecraft PE player, you should install the Entity 404 Boss Addon on his device. Entity 404 has become a legend, but, in fact, it does not exist. Fortunately, now you can spawn it using the Evoker spawn egg.

Still, if you are going to see it, just install this add-on. New boss will spawn a lot of minions to protect him. He has 250 hearts and when he is low, he gets additional boost of 200 hearts and 40% chance to spawn the Wither, which is able to live for two minutes and you would not be able to kill it. Anyway, the drop is extremely generous.

General Features:
  • Health: 250 hearts
  • Summons skeleton minions, Entity 404 fighters, zombies and husks
  • When health is very low it will do a final mode and get 100 hearts health, next it will have the chance of summoning the Wither which will last for 2 minutes. It will also summon more minions.
  • Drops: lots of diamonds, emeralds and totems of undying

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon or Mirror
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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