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Skyblock Planet [Survival]

Skyblock Planet [Survival]

Creator: TheBlue
Most of survival maps for Minecraft PE will bring you to the Overworld, but Skyblock Planet consist of several locations, most of which were taken from the End dimension.

Imagine that approximately 40 little planets are above your small wooden house. What would you do? How long can you survive? Download Skyblock Planet, which is survival map for Minecarft PE, to find it out.

After the spawn, you should discover your small space island and find several tools that could be called “starter pack”. If you consider that you are ready to explore other planets – go on, but remember that there are lot of dangerous stuff is waiting for you somewhere out there. By the way, your spawn is in the Overworld, which surrounding locations were taken from End.

Published: shans; Category: Survival Maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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