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Aliens vs Predator (Board Game) [Minigame]

Aliens vs Predator (Board Game) [Minigame]

Creator: Fizzman797
Aliens vs Predator – it is one of the most outstanding competitions across all the sci-fi horror movies and now all the Minecraft PE players are able to become a part of it!

Mini-game for Minecraft called Aliens vs Predator is pretty similar to the games, where you have to capture the flag, but here you have to capture the base. All the players will divide into two teams, we mean each player, because it was designed for two participants only.

The Alien what to spread all over the base, while The Predator is going to kill chief Alien and destroy his hive. By the way, it is board game, so if you had not come across such kind of mini-games for Minecraft PE, you should watch the video below. It explains all the rules and shows several hints. Invite your friend and have fun!

General Rules
  • Two players (1 aliens, 1 predators)
  • Doesn’t matter which gamemode
  • Difficulty set on at least Easy
  • Play in Creative mode

Published: shans; Category: Mini-Game maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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