Super Mario Craft Addon

Super Mario Craft Addon

Creator: Kiritocris55
Super Mario Craft Addon turned Minecraft PE into another kind of game, because most of mobs and items were replaced by new ones, so if you are bored – it will suit you great!

Minecraft PE universe and Super Mario universe was mixed to create a brand new way to play the survival mode. It may sound strange, but most of creatures will look even more pixelated, than it was in original Super Mario game for SEGA. Super Mario Craft Addon changed a lot, but let us tell you a bit about the mobs’ behavior.

Here is the list, which consist of several new mobs:

Fire Piranha Plant replaces the creeper. It shoots fireballs, so you should be extremely attentive.

Skeletons was replaced by Bombs. They are similar to creepers: they chase you to explode nearby.

Gumba is pretty weak, but still it can poison you.

To make The Cloud fly, you should threw several flying potions at it.

There are also several new weapons and minor changes, so we recommend you just to download this MCPE add-on to learn how world will look.


Fire Plant
- Replaces Creeper
- Health: 17.5 hearts
- Hostile mob which attacks by shooting fireballs
- Drops fireballs (snowballs)

Brows with cloud
- Replaces Ghast
- Health: 22.5 hearts
- Drops coins (diamonds), flying poison (Bottle o’ Enchanting)

- Replaces Husk
- Health: 12.5 hearts
- Melee attack, poisonous

Armored Turtle
- Zombie Pigman
- Health: 15 hearts
- Melee attack, causes weakness effect
- Drops coins (diamond)

- Replaces Skeleton
- Health: 10 hearts
- Hits and explodes with a great power (2.3 power)
- Drops coins (diamonds), gunpowder

Squid and Squid baby
- Replaces Squid
- Health: 5 hearts
- Can be pulled with a rope, friendly

- Replaces Vex
- Health: 10 hearts
- Can fly through walls and cause 8 damage per hit
- Drops coins (diamonds), 1 life (totem)

- Replaces Blaze
- Health: 25 hearts
- You can mount it and fly it by the use of a rope, it also got a chest.
- Flyable with Flying Poison (Bottle o’ Enchanting) – Throw it at it)


- Fireballs (snowballs)
- Coins (diamonds)
- 1 life (totem)
- Flying Poison (Bottle o’ Enchanting) – Used for flying the Cloud
- Flower of fire (lighter)
- Star Mario (golden apples)
- Cloud invoker (hen’s egg)
- Thunder rod (fishing rod) – Thunder and levitation effect for 10 seconds

  1. Download Resource .McPack or Mirror
  2. Download Behavior .McPack or Mirror
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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