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Ice Hockey (Addon) [Minigame] Map Minecraft PE

Ice Hockey (Addon) [Minigame] Map Minecraft PE

Finally, one of the best sport mini-games for Minecraft PE, called “Ice Hockey” was released! Do not waste your time, call you friend and start the clutch!

Creator: Nogard

Creator of Ice Hockey had spent approximately two month of his life to create this mini-game for Minecraft PE, and we consider that he made it out great. He even created the special add-on, which bring the hockey gear into game. However, let us tell you a bit about the rules.

First off, it requires at least two players. Referee does not make any impact on the game process, until one of the players start cheating. Referee punishes him. In addition, it is not allowed to hit other players, because you will get one-minute penalty. The only disadvantage that we have come across is absence of automatic score counting system, so you need to keep all goals in mind.

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Donald trump 14 February 2018 17:40
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