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Dragon Craft Z Addon Minecraft PE

Dragon Craft Z Addon Minecraft PE

It is great day for Minecraft PE players who are fond of manga and anime, because Dragon Ball Z add-on was released last morning! Get ready for the adventures in new world!

Creator: Hexdro

It has been ages since last add-on, which provided manga or anime heroes was released for Minecraft PE and the Dragon Ball Z add-on is some kind of bless for all its fans. By the way, it passes through developing stage, so there will be more improvements and updates in nearest future.

Today, you can interact with three new mobs. Most of weapons have the same damage, and only the appearance was changed. Anyway, there are several exceptions, so just download the Dragon Ball Z add-on to check it out! In addition, there are several new spells and skills as well as all vanilla mobs were replaced by their copies from famous manga universe. If you like anime and MCPE this add-on is must-have for you!

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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