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Go Through Addon Minecraft PE

Go Through Addon Minecraft PE

You are standing in front of great wall in Minecraft PE. It will take ages to walk it around, but thanks to Go Through Addon you can just walk through it. Isn’t it cool?

Creator: Andrew99

Are you ready to become a ghost in Minecraft PE? You have such an opportunity! Go Through Addon makes you able to go through the walls and the ground. It means that now you do not need to go long way round to the End portal, just drop down and you are just where you wanted to be.

Anyway, this add-on works just as cheat, so you cannot use it in public servers and realms. It is just a single-player feature. On other hard, discovering of temples and seed has become much faster, but you have to be extremely attentive, because it is so easy to get lost in the textures. By the way, you will remain invisible till you won’t disable this add-on.

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the behavior pack for a world in-game

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