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MonsterTruck Addon Minecraft PE

MonsterTruck Addon Minecraft PE

MonsterTruck Addon provides real outlander for Minecraft PE. Places, where this giant cannot move through, does not exist, but it will sink in water, so be careful at this point.

Creator: MyoHtet

Most of Minecraft PE players have to go off-road in most cases, because there are no automatically generated highways. MonsterTruck Addon provides new vehicle for which type of the road does not matter at all. Same as in the real life, it can jump for descent height and withstand damage, caused by the fall.

However, there are three main advantages of Monster Truck. At first, you can pick from six different colors to make the vehicle suitable for you. At second, it is great for long night rides, because any mob cannot get you while you driving this giant. At third, it will absorb any type of fall damage, so you should not worry about jumping from cliff, the Truck will always fall on its wheels!

  1. Download one of the following addons
    - Blue Resource & Behavior .McPack
    - Dark Resource & Behavior .McPack
    - Green Resource & Behavior .McPack
    - Light Resource & Behavior .McPack
    - Red Resource & Behavior .McPack
    - Yellow Resource & Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the resource pack and behavior pack for a world in-game

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