Orca Add-on Minecraft PE

Orca Add-on Minecraft PE

Orca Add-on brings the one of the largest water creatures into Minecraft PE universe. But you should not worry, it does not harm players and even drops fish to feed them.

Creator: Jujustyle7

There are a lot of mods that provide new large mobs that live on the land, while Orca Add-on is going to make Minecraft PE underwater world a bit more manifold. Thus, you can interact with the second largest animal in game, because Elder Guardians captured the first stage.

In contrast with real life, Orca in Minecraft PE is friendly towards players, but remember that you can spawn it only in water. Moreover, it should be large lake or river, because this kind of whales is extremely huge. These creatures can also try to evolve (throw themselves on the shore), but they will start dying rapidly after 30 seconds beyond the water.

General Orca Features:
  • Replaces villagers
  • Swimmable creature
  • Health: 35 hearts
  • Attack damage: 11
  • Can be on land for 30 seconds before it starts losing health
  • Drops raw fish and raw salmon
  • Custom names

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

Published: Kukusya; Category: Addons for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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