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Racing Kit (Demo Track) [Minigame]

Racing Kit (Demo Track) [Minigame]

Creator: Vernian MCPE – TDR build
Racing Kit (Demo Track) is first Minecraft PE mini-game that provides detailed map, that look like the Formula 1 track that you can see on TV. Are you ready for this level or racing?

Flat world suits not only amazing Minecraft PE creations, but racing tracks too, so one of them is demonstrated by Racing Kit (Demo Track), which is mini-game that passes the development stage. We highly recommend you to try it out with your friends, because the game was designed for 4 players who are racing simultaneously.

Let us tell you several worlds about the rules. After the spawn, you will have to pick your racing vehicle. Then find the carrot on the stick and do not use it until the all players are in their cars (or whatever they picked) and the countdown is ended. Now you can start the ride!

Published: shans; Category: Mini-Game maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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