Marine Addon Minecraft PE

Marine Addon Minecraft PE

Three new water vehicles are provided by one single Marine Addon for Minecraft PE. Try them all and choose one that will suit the way you discover the world the best!

Creators: Andrew99, raedteam99, AbduSallouh

The Marine Addon is astonishing! It adds three different types of water vehicles at once. We have never come across something like this before in Minecraft PE. This way you are able ride jet ski, speed boat or sail boat. All three of them are extremely fast and we can bet that you will choose jet ski instead of vanilla boat.

But still there are some issues. First of all, jet ski will spawn in the sky above you, so you have to use rope to put it down on the water. Second: carrot is equal to paddles, and carrot on the stick is the key. To find out more about these vehicles and their speed you should check the video below out right now!

  1. Download one of the following packs:
    - Red Resource & Behavior .McAddon
    - Blue Resource & Behavior .McAddon
    - Yellow Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the behavior and resource pack for a world in-game

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