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Village Guards Addon Minecraft PE

Village Guards Addon Minecraft PE

It is your chance to bring justice in Minecraft PE. Since today all the villagers will obtain powerful guardians to protect them from any type of threat!

Creator: Deedubbs

Have you ever think about villagers? They are the most unprotected creatures in Minecraft PE. The main goal of this add-on is to save them from harm, so it adds archers and swordsmen that will attack all types of potential invaders. The garrison could be increased by the local people, if you will decide to train them how to fight.

This unit replaces default mob. 35% of them will spawn as archers and the other part will become swordsmen. They are patrolling village and seeking for potential threats. A lot of villagers died at nights, but now this unfair slaughter will end, because in the “dark time” guards become the most useful. In addition, you can change their class by giving a new weapon.

You can train ordinary villagers to become guards.
  • iOS / Android: Hold an iron helmet, long press on the villager and press Train
  • Windows 10: Hold an iron helmet and right-click the villager to train him

  1. Download Addon Minecraft PE .McAddon
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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Ryan 29 June 2019 21:10
I added this to a couple of my worlds but it’s not working. I held an iron helmet and did a long press on a villager, but it just opened up “Trade”. “Train” was never an option.

Scratch that, it might work in Creative mode.

Okay, it works in ONE of my worlds, and not in “peaceful” mode. No idea why that world and not others.

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modder 26 September 2020 22:48
i have 5 worlds with this mod and it still does not work plz tell me what u did to get it working

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