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Enchanted Addon Minecraft PE

Enchanted Addon Minecraft PE

Enchanted Addon is the best solution for Minecraft PE players who want to turn their gaming experience into constant pain and suffering in greatly detailed world.

Creator: AlexFirey1411

The Minecraft PE world is suffering from the most powerful curse ever. Enchanted Addon will slightly change your thoughts about the game difficulty, because it is pure hell even in creative mode.

But ones of you, who would like to test themselves, should know several facts about new order of things. The spiders now are huge and their abilities suit their size, so beware! Cute polar bears have turned into black bears, who are much faster and have an ability to end your life in several seconds. But you still have to enjoy the texture packs in this Add-on, so we highly recommend you to fly over the changes world for a while.

All Features:
  • Creepers help the player but attack the undead.
  • Endermen have their normal abilities with the additional ability of summoning fangs and sometimes vexes which will cause a lot of damage and long-lasting nausea to the player.
  • Zombies and husks wield sword and deals more damage and a nausea effect. Husks are faster than the zombies and can teleport.
  • Strays attack with heavy melee, inflicting slowness
  • Skeletons are flying around (since they’ve got no legs) and have a long shoot range.
  • Ghasts are smaller but also faster. They have much longer tentactles and their fireballs effect its targets with the wither effect.
  • Blazes fireballs are weaker but they also shoot more often.
  • The Ender Dragon is faster, stronger and has also double health. It’s also twice as big.
  • Spiders are faster, larger and attack more heavily. They also have the ability to inflict a short-term blindness.
  • Cave Spiders are heavy attackers, move fast, dodge attacks, poisonous effect lasts longer and can also leap longer distances.
  • Wither Skeletons have Brute capabilities. They are fairly slow, but also bigger and have the ability to resist knockback. They deal a lot more damage while still inflicting the wither effect.
  • The Wither has twice as much health, it moves faster and will find the player if it’s anywhere nearby. It also attacks wolves now.
  • Polar Bears look like Black Bears and will be much more angry and be able to detect players from a longer range. They are generally just very
  • aggressive.
  • Pigmen are faster and are disguised as normal zombies.

  • Diamond Blocks are shiny and have an animated texture.
  • Sand and Sandstone have a galactic look
  • End Blocks are dark and have a starry animated texture.
  • The Nether Blocks have been changed too.
  • Cloud colors changes depending on your location.
  • Lava looks like water.
  • Water has a lighter color.
  • Diamond tools and armor are slightly bluer and also a bolder color
  • Trapdoors look similar to windows
  • Glass blocks and panes have a framed texture
  • Most hostile mobs are updated

Special Additions:
  • The Iron Golem is basically a weaker version of Alex’s Guardian Addon and it also look more metallic.
  • New logo and the main menu background is also different

Recommended Installation Process:
  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the resource pack
  3. Activate the behavior pack for a world in-game

Published: Kukusya; Category: Addons for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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