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Odd Mobs Addon Minecraft PE

Odd Mobs Addon Minecraft PE

While Minecraft PE developers keep on adding new features, modders do their best to improve existing ones. Odd Mobs Addon is one of their greatest projects.

Creator: Sirconol

Odd Mobs Addon is a breath of fresh air for everyone who had been playing Minecraft PE for a large amount of time. Last update allowed the developers and modders to access the mob behavior settings. It means that you can download the add-on, which will not provide any new mob, but it will slightly change existing ones.

Here are some examples. Skeletons decided that the cannot tolerate the wolves’ aggression anymore, so now they are ready to start the fright first. Creeper is evolving too: now it can kill you by explosion without killing himself. To check the full list of changes – just download Odd Mobs Addon!

All Mob Changes:
  • Zombies have double health and deals a bit less attack damage.
  • Skeletons can’t burn in sunlight and are hostile towards wolves to avoid getting eaten by them.
  • The Wolf health is doubled and so is the attack damage.
  • Wither Skeletons have been debuffed by making their status effect poison.
  • Creepers drop TNTs when at a certain proximity of their target.
  • Blazes are basically flamethrowers and their health is decreased.
  • Ghasts are neutral. But if they get attacked they essentially become Neo from The Matrix. It’s hard to explain, but let’s just say they are dangerous. Their health has been decreased by three points.
  • Endermen have 10 health but they can teleport every second. You probably won’t be able to kill them.

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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