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Akkumuna [Survival] [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

Akkumuna [Survival] [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE players, who are tired of survival mode because of its simplicity, should check the Akkumuna out. Is this island really as desert as it seems to be?

Creator: ShadyPE

First time, when we saw this Minecraft PE map, we were intrigued by the combination of adventure and survival, but few minutes later we have realized that this map also has great detailed storyline, which is extremely cool. Let us say few words about Akkumuna.

Your name is Christopher, your serve your king well, so he orders you to lead the expedition to island far away. According to his words, you will find there a lot of gold, diamonds and emeralds. But after several days, you stand on the board of your ship and hear the awful sound. Few moments later you will find yourself alone on the coast of unknown tropical island.

Published: Kukusya; Category: Adventure maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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