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Alex’s Guardian Addon Minecraft PE

Alex’s Guardian Addon Minecraft PE

Now in Minecraft PE world there is a companion that can protect you from The Wither Boss. To obtain it, just download the Alex’s Guardian Addon.

Creator: AlexFirey1411

It is great to have somebody to protect you from any harm. This statement is true even for Minecraft PE. That is why we want to introduce you Alex’s Guardian Addon. New creature will do its best to save the villagers and players. Let’s take a closer look at his stats.

First of all, you have to craft guardian. Since all the iron items were replaced by guardian items, you will need pumpkin and 4 guardian blocks. The creature has 350 hearts and your enemies have to hit it 100 times with diamond sword to kill the Guardian. Anyway, you cannot control it at all, but this friendly giant does his job great!

General Features:
  • Replaces the iron golem
  • Health: 350 hearts (100 hits with a diamond sword to kill him)
  • Rideable (not possible to control it)
  • Can be healed with iron ingots
  • Longer attack range
  • Can defeat the Wither
  • Never attacks players
  • Iron Guardian armor and weapons

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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