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Coordinates Unlocker Addon Minecraft PE

Coordinates Unlocker Addon Minecraft PE

Thanks to this Minecraft PE add-on, there will be no need for you to use special commands to see your current coordinates. It is really fast and easy! Try it now!

Creator: Fraxx01

All the Minecraft PE players know that you can get your current coordinates using the console by launching the full check. But we can ensure you that there is much simpler way to get them. Just download the Coordinates Unlocker and everything will be fine!

After the installation, you need to change GUI slider in Video settings to set the proper size of the text. Coordinates will always display in the low right corner of the screen. It may be useful in creative mode, when you want your friend to come over or if you are looking for special location and all you have is coordinates.

iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other:

Make sure to read all steps.
  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE.
  3. Go to “Settings” > “Global Resources” and apply Coordinates Unlocker as an active pack
  4. Close Minecraft PE (important!)
  5. Open the game again.
  6. Enter a world of your choice and it should now be working!

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