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BasinPVP [PvP] Map Minecraft PE

One of the first Minecraft PE maps, where you can customize the appearance of arena itself. This feature will not impact the gameplay, but it looks awesome!

Creators: Cody2074
BasinPVP [PvP] Map Minecraft PE

BasinPVP is the outstanding Minecraft PE map, because it allows the players to change the color and overall appearance of the arena anytime they want. There are 16 different blocks and all of them are brand new. This will make no impact to the fights, it is just visual staff.

Anyway, you may call your friends and let them fight. Wooden bricks are the only weapon that is available from the start, but you may add more of them by console commands. But the way, gravity is pretty strange: you can jump extremely high, but when you will reach the wall border, you will get stuck, so be careful! Useful tip: to clear all the items on arena print /kill @e twice. Have fun!

Published: Kukusya; Category: PVP maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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