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Wither Demon Boss Addon Minecraft PE

Wither Demon Boss Addon Minecraft PE

It is not an angel. It is not a demon. It is just one of the strongest Minecraft PE bosses that you may come across, so we wish you luck in killing it!

Creator: TheEnderface

Here comes one more epic boss for Minecraft PE. The wither demon boss’ lookalike is similar to wither boss, but it also has pair of angel wings and two horns. This is some kind of combination of good an evil. Anyway, it is extremely dangerous, so you should keep the distance and use bows or other long-range weapons.

Sometimes it will start blinking and it will mean that now you can cause no damage to him. When Wither Demon has low HP, it will explode, so you should kill him before it was happened. It replaces Vex, so you can spawn him in the same way. The easiest option is to start fighting the Evoker in Woodland Mansion.

General Information:
  • Replaces vex
  • Health: 300 hearts
  • Abilities
  • Move through walls
  • Flying
  • Wither effect, 10 attack damage
  • Battle: When blinking he can cause any type of damage such as shooting an arrow or other projectile. Wait until he has stopped blinking and then attack him. As soon as he is ready to die he will explode in less than 5 seconds, but if you manage a final blow before that then he won’t explode. Drops a nether star.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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