» » » JurassicPark PE [Creation] Minecraft PE Map

JurassicPark PE [Creation] Minecraft PE Map

JurassicPark PE [Creation] Minecraft PE Map

This creation is for the fans of Jurassic Park movies and other dinosaur staff. Minecraft PE version of park may differ a little, it is not a replica.

Creator: Dikz27

Creation of JurassicPark PE was caused by absence of appropriate setting for add-on called Jurassic Craft. By the way, both of them interact with each other very well. We must warn you that this is not the replica on Jurassic Park which should become available in Minecraft PE World pretty sonn.

So, there are some similar building that you may have seen in the movie, but it is not going to be an accurate copy. Anyway, the creation itself now passes through the developing stage, so things may change. In addition, there are rumors about the affiliation between JurassicPark and Jurassic Craft.

Important note: This map is compatible with Jurassic Craft but it’s not officially affiliated with it.

Dinosaur mod for Minecraft PE for free link below

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fasal_fox 24 February 2019 16:59
this map really good i love it

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