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Poop Add-on (With Sounds!) Minecraft PE

Poop Add-on (With Sounds!) Minecraft PE

Poop reached the Minecraft PE world. Is it just a silly funny item or is there some use for it? You have to find it out on your own!

Creator: Gona

Have you ever thought about the absence of poop in Minecraft PE? And if you have not, the creator of this add-on definitely had. So, after the installation of this add-on, every living creature in MCPE will poop. Sometimes you may even hear farting, so if do not like the sound, you can just disable it in settings.

But there is one more use for poop, besides funny sounds. You can pick the poop up and throw it into your enemies or other players. It will deal no damage, but other will laugh at your victim, so some kind of moral damage will be done. By the way, it is compatible with the most of third party add-ons, so even dinosaurs have an ability to poop!

General Features
  • The following mobs poop: bat, chicken, cow, creeper, donkey, enderman, horse, llama, mooshroom cow, mule, ocelot, pig, polar bear, rabbit, sheep, skeleton horse, zombie horse and wolf.
  • Horses will poop the most often
  • Poop sounds
  • Eggs are replaced by poop
  • Throwing poop at other players or mobs will cause a nausea effect for anyone who is hit
  • Compatible with other add-ons such as Jurassic Craft Add-on

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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