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Surface Mod (Android) Minceraft PE

Surface Mod (Android) Minceraft PE

Surface Mod for Minceraft PE is great solution for the players who are tired of constant riding between mine and house. Basically, it will save a lot of your time.

Creator: Pixeldroid

This Minecraft PE mod is pretty straightforward. It allows the player to teleport to the closest available location, even in survival mode. So, after the download you may reach the mine and come back in a single blink.

To get the full list of possible command is available by typing /shelp in console. If you are playing with cheats, you can even teleport of the trouble to the safe location using /tp ~ 68 ~. But there are two exceptions. At first, this MCPE mod works on Android only, at second, you need the BlockLauncher to be installed on your device.

This mod requires BlockLauncher, Toolbox or MCPE Master. In this particular case I used BlockLauncher.

Published: Kukusya; Category: Mods for Minecraft PE ; OS: Android | iOS

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