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Magician Supreme Boss Addon MCPE

Magician Supreme Boss Addon MCPE

For ones who consider themselves as fans of adventures and hardcore obstacles, Magician Supreme Boss will sound like Christmas Gift.

Creator: Gona

This mod was created to make discovery of biome much more dangerous because of Magician Supreme Boss is somewhere out there and he is looking for you. His look may lie (actually he is similar to kind wizards from kids tales), he is not friendly, he definitely wants to kill you and all your friends. Oh, by the way, this mob will spawn instead of witches. And we must warn you that Boss will attack only players, golems and villagers.

First of all, you would not want to meet him without armor. His list of spells is endless, and Boss uses different strategies according to situation, for example he can summon bone creatures to fight on his side. Boss do his best to keep the distance, so to hit Supreme you have to immobilize him. In addition, Magician Supreme Boss drops emeralds or diamonds, but a drop rate for wither heads is much higher.

  • Replaces witches
  • Health: 100 hearts
  • Immune to fire, fall damage and poisonous damage
  • Attacks iron golems, villagers and players
  • Attack styles: fireballs, bullets, dragon balls, poisonous potions, summoning wither skeletons
  • The boss will shrink and run away if the player gets too close, can’t shoot/attack the player when shrunk
  • Drinks regenerative potions when hurt
  • Drops
    - 0 – 4 emeralds
    - 0 – 6 diamonds
    - 1 – 2 nether stars
    - 2 – 5 wither heads

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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