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The Wall [Parkour] Map

The Wall [Parkour] Map

The Wall will suit every Minecraft PE player, who is fond of parkour. But notice, that this person has to have iron nerves, because there are not so many checkpoints!

Creator: theelectricg
Have you ever played at least one game of Prince of Persia Franchise? Of course you are, because even mobile version counts. In this case, new parkour map for Minecraft PE is the best thing that we could offer you.

So, everything looks as usual: you have to climb upper the wall and there will be series of obstacles, such as disappear of some stones. Every time you will miss the step, you will definitely die, but there are several checkpoints, so players can be sure that they will not get too annoyed by similar levels. Have fun!

Published: shans; Category: Maps for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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