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HardCore Mobs Minecraft PE Addon

HardCore Mobs Minecraft PE Addon

If you have been tired of similar mods, that promise you the increasing of Minecraft PE game difficulty, we would like to introduce you the perfect one.

Creator: ZachMC

You may come across a lot of different MCPE mods, which were aimed on increasing of difficulty, but in fact, they have just added several hearts and attack damage to all monsters. But now, table has turned. Thanks to HardCore Mobs Addon most of them achieved extra speed, that makes player’s survival much harder.

Most of changes support version 1.1, but if you do not want to update – it is OK, everything should work in proper way. And now, we are happy to introduce you full list of new perks:
  • Vindicator – high speed, doubled attack damage and health.
  • Husk 2x hearts and 2x attack damage + poisonous damage.
  • Creeper’s explosion is much bigger and all the block will also burn for several seconds.
  • Evoker now can summon Vindicator, while previously he could summon only Vex.
  • Zombie – doubled health and attack damage, but default speed.
  • Skeleton – the same as Vindicator.
  • Witch – the same as Zombie.
  • Slime & Magmacube got double attack damage and health, but this perk does not work with babies.

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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