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Redstone Mechanic Addon Minecraft PE

Redstone Mechanic Addon Minecraft PE

This add-on looks like a redstone paradise. Now you can interact with eleven new creatures that will definitely make you gaming experience wider!

Creator: TheEnderface
For ones, who had already tired of default mobs and mounts in MCPE, this mode will be felt like a breath of fresh air. Vast of them are robots, so they could become pretty useful in your world. We are sure that Redstone Mechanic Addon can make your playing process more diverse and interesting.

So here we give you the complete list of new creatures and mobs:

Dispenser Robot will spawn instead of creeper and could be transformed into TNT block. It attacks only mobs that was attacking himself.
  • Replaces creeper
  • You can ignite it with flint & steel to transform it into a primed TNT block
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Neutral towards player
  • Hostile towards hostile mobs

Flying Chair is a new mount that could lift you in the air for the distance of one block. It replaces husk.
  • Replaces husk
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Control with redstone

Observer robot will replace the iron golem and will do its best to protect you from enemy bots. It will explode before death, so if you are seeing it shaking hands, you better run.
  • Replaces iron golem
  • Helps player
  • Attacks hostile monsters
  • Explodes before it dies

Turret will spawn instead of snow golem and it could be used as usual turret, but it has pretty weak armor, so it should be placed where mobs could not reach it.
  • Replaces snow golem
  • Health: 2 hearts
  • Shoots arrows and snowballs

Hopper/Collector Machine, as far as you could get it, collects all the loot instead of you. It replaces wither skeleton.
  • Replaces wither skeleton
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Collects items
  • Leashable

Redstone Destroyer is one of the most powerful hostile creatures, because it can even ride a mount on decent difficulty level.
  • Replaces skeleton
  • Hostile
  • Health: 20 hearts

Redstone Golden Destroyer is similar to previous mob, but it shoots fireballs and has some additional hearts.
  • Replaces stray
  • Hostile
  • Health: 25 hearts

Redstone Motor looks like motorcycle and can be used in the same way as it. This vehicle will spawn instead of witch.
  • Replaces the witch
  • Health: 12.5 hearts

Dropper robot could be achieved by giving a dropper block to a hostile dispenser robot. It would be tough, but this creature can turn treasures to the redstone dust.
  • Replaces zombie villager
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Feed it redstone to receive valuable items

TNT Anator will spawn only in Nether Realm. It is hostile to all players, so it will shoot them with TNT. By the way Anator is immune to the most types of explosions.
  • Replaces zombie pigman
  • Health: 25 hearts
  • Hostile, shoots TNTs

Necro Circuit is replacing ghast in nether. Be careful, because it flies and can shoot three fireballs at once.
  • Replaces ghast
  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Hostile, shoots fireballs

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world

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