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Lamborghini Addon Minecraft PE

Lamborghini Addon Minecraft PE

You may not be fan of luxury vehicles, but you have to download this Minecraft PE add-on to discover the most detailed vehicle which we have ever come across!

Creator: Steve_And_Jobs

Most of boys had got a lot of different smaller copies of racing vehicles when they were kids. It was pretty hard to find detailed car model in Minecraft PE world, but this add-on seems to start the revolution. The Lamborghini consists of hundreds of pixels and it was created by newest kind of 3D-modeling.

So the Lamborghini replaces the creeper. To drive it you should use carrot on the stick. But we highly recommend you to take a closer look. Each screen pixel is related with one single block, so we might say that creator’s attention to the details is set on the highest level.

  1. Download Addon (Resource & Behavior) .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

Published: Kukusya; Category: Addons for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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Alena 14 November 2017 07:09
This mod was poor. The carrot on the stick didn't do anything.

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