» » » The Three Mazes [Minigame] Minecraft PE

The Three Mazes [Minigame] Minecraft PE

The Three Mazes [Minigame] Minecraft PE

Three mazes + quests + exploring the temples = great entertainment for every Minecraft PE player! We highly recommend you to download this mini-game right now!

Creator: CameronTheWolf

It took a pretty a long road for as to find good mini-game for Minecraft PE. It seems that most of creators are in some kind of creative crisis. Anyway, The Three Mazes is here to entertain you! We underline that this game is not so easy and you will have to make your brain work. It is extremely easy to get lost!

Your main goal is to find the right way to get into every temple. By the way, you may find a lot of interesting side-quests during the exploration of this labyrinths. In addition, there is a lot of interesting stuff inside the monuments, but you need to turn on the lights. They work in the same way as the other Redstone mechanisms, so you should not have any issues with them.

Published: Kukusya; Category: Mini-Game maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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