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Ultimate Survival Base [Creation] Minecraft PE

Ultimate Survival Base [Creation] Minecraft PE

We are sure that every player dreams about perfect citadel for survival mode! Fortunately, Ultimate Survival Base creation was released for Minecraft PE!

Creator: ariankhatabi80

Are you looking for the perfect place to stay during the zombie apocalypse or nuclear war? There is one in Minecraft PE world. This creation provides you with everything that you will need to survive. Some levels include Redstone creations.

So, we would like to invite you for the small trip through Ultimate Survival Base:
  • Farm is fully automatized. Villagers work hard, so you will always have enough food.
  • The Smelter is very useful and effective. All you need is some fuel to launch it.
  • The Nether Portal will bring you to the top of the base.
  • On the roof there is sorting machine, that will help to keep all your loot in right order.
  • The mob farm is the best invention ever. Mobs will just spawn and die, while hopers will collect all the loot.

We found some more interesting mechanisms on the base, but you should better discover it on your own!

Published: Kukusya; Category: Creation maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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