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The Human Addon ( Only!) Minecraft PE

The Human Addon ( Only!) Minecraft PE

It is time for Minecraft PE mobs show some humanity! But be careful, because all of them will fight any type of hostility, even if it was hidden!

Creator: Gameselot YT

Age of hostility in Minecraft PE is over! The Human Addon turns most of aggressive mobs into compassionate ones. It means that they will try to protect the player instead of killing him. Thus, you lose the ability to tame them. Let us clarify the new order. If player is attacked by zombie, the Alchemist will protect him.

Now, let’s take a closer look of every new mob:
  • Evoker is replaced by the Human Summoner. He may summon fairies, little cute creatures that are pretty useless. Fairies replace Vexes.
  • Witch has turned into the Alchemist who is extremely attentive, so it may throw poisons into all hostile mobs, even if these mobs could not harm the player.
  • Villagers remained the same, but they got some improved textures.

By the way, you need the MCPE version to be installed on your device. Otherwise, you will not be able to launch the add-on.


Important: This addon is limited to beta users only. Android users can sign up for the beta here!

  1. Download Addon (Resource & Behavior) .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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