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Mine-NameTagBoss Addon Minecraft PE

Mine-NameTagBoss Addon Minecraft PE

8 new bosses for Minecraft PE were provided by this add-on. It is extremely easy to spawn them, so bring you friends and let the battle begin!

Creator: MicoLets_MC

Are you looking for increase of game difficulty? Mine-NameTagBoss Addon bring eight new bosses to the Minecraft PE universe. As far as you may guess, it is tough to beat them, but you will obtain a lot of extremely valuable loot, so this activity is very profitable.

To create each of them you should use spawn egg. But first you have to change the name tag. For example, if you are going to spawn creeper boss, rename the tag into “Nuke”. To clarify, we placed the screenshot below.

It is easier than you might guess and you need to make only once to get enough experience of this process.

All the bosses are hostile, so we recommend you to build any kind of cage around them or you will find yourself dead in several seconds. Here is the full list of the bosses with their main features. The first word is for tag and the second describes the required mob.

  • Giant (Zombie) causes 10 seconds of blindness, has 125 hearts and deals 10 damage per attack.
  • Giant (Husk) has no special abilities, but he got 100 hearts and 10 attack damage.
  • Nuke (Creeper) causes huge explosion with 5 second delay before it. It has no attack damage and 75 hearts.
  • Knight (Zombie pigman) holds the sword and gets the extra armor from chestplate. It causes 20 second of slowness, has 15 attack damage and 115 hearts.
  • Straygic (Stray) shoots 15 fireballs almost at once, teleports, but he has no attack damage and 115 hearts.
  • Eggboss (Chicken) shoots eggs and it is very hard to kill it because of its tininess. 60 hearts.
  • Toro (Cow) runs as fast as wind and deals 15 damage per attack. It is pretty weak because of 50 hearts. By the way, it will attack all the mushrooms because the red color irritates him.
  • Pigzilla (Pig) is fat (150 hearts) and deals 12 damage per attack. In some cases, it may not attack the players, but it is a bug which will be fixed in future updates.
  • Cheetah (Ocelot) jumps at the players. It has 15 attack damage and 75 hearts.

All of these bosses drop a lot of valuable items, but we want you to discover the loot on your own. Good luck!

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world

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