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Mutant Creatures Add-on Minecraft PE

Mutant Creatures Add-on Minecraft PE

One of the biggest add-ons for Minecraft PE is out now! Every mob is now stronger, so get ready to much more competitive gaming experience!

Creator: Jujustyle7
Updated: 19 June, 2017
Mutant Creatures Add-on is great option for Minecraft PE players that would like to increase difficulty fast and easy. It brings 18 new mobs, that much stronger and scarier than vanilla ones. All the Mutants have small change of dropping the “Mutant Head” that is wearable by players.

Let’s take a closer look on each of new mobs:

Mutant Zombie & Husk is rather bigger and faster than its predecessor/

Mutant Creep fuses the explosion much longer, thus, it causes more damage, but players have enough time to run away.

Mutant Stray & Skeleton got an ability to shoot five arrows simultaneously.

Mutant Wither Skeleton will not drop swords and his fear of wolves has gone away.

Mutant Enderman can find player much faster and his attack damage was slightly increased.

Mutant Iron Golem causes 55 damage per attack and has 200 hearts, so we do not recommend you to fight it by yourself.

Mutant Spider and Cave Spider achieved increased speed and damage.

Mutant Wither Boss has a lot of extra hearts, but if you will defeat him, you would obtain a bunch of diamonds.

Mutant Zombie Pigman is now neutral, but you would like to attack him because of great loot.

Mutant Snow Golem got an ability to use his arms, so now he is great in both melee and range combat.

Mutant Ocelot is the largest pet that Minecraft PE player would have. You need to hold stick to control it, if you want to ride it.

Mutant Villager just got extra health and that’s all.

Mutant Witch is now achieved new potion, that causes much more damage than regular witch.

Mutant Wolf may be tamed and used as the mount.

Mutant Zombie Villager should be cured with the combination of weakness potion and golden apple. The treatment will work in 50 seconds.

The Rideable Mutant Update:

New stuff
  • Mutant Snow golem has new long range attack called Snow Block
  • Mutant Snow golem, iron golem, ocelot, and wolf can be ridden and controlled like a horse, some of them can also jump really high
  • Mutant Witch has a new melee attack which cause 10 attack damage

Bug fixes
  • Mutant creeper explodes properly, explodes if hitting it
  • Mutant Wither Skulls now summons Mutant Wither Skeleton properly
  • Custom names has been fixed

  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Activate the pack world a world in-game

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