» » Flow’s HD [64x64] [32x32] Minecraft PE

Flow’s HD [64x64] [32x32] Minecraft PE

Flow’s HD [64x64] [32x32] Minecraft PE

Flow’s HD texture pack is a goldmine for the players that want to create buildings with modern design in Minecraft PE world.

Creator: Exevium, Dash Droide

We have seen a lot of different texture packs that suit medieval or ancient creations, and we are sad because the amount of blocks, designed for modern interiors extends rarely. But today is something like holiday for us, Flow’s HD was ported to the Minecraft PE.

Every block looks extremely clear, so it will find an application in almost every kind of modern design. We consider that this Texture pack will fit both outdoor and interior. By the way, it will not look blocky even on devices with high screen resolution, because of availability of 64×64 icons. Flow’s HD may lag a bit after installation, but it will last only several minutes.

Important notice: It might take up to several minutes for a world to load once you’ve got this texture pack enabled.

Warning: iOS users – it might crash for you. Windows 10 users – crosshair is bugged. I’ve reported both of these issues to the creator so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  1. 32×32
    - Download 1.0.x .McPack
    - Download 1.0.x .ZIP
  2. 64×64
    - Download 1.0.x .McPack
    - Download 1.1.x .McPack
    - Download 1.0.x .ZIP
    - Download 1.1.x .ZIP

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