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Lucky Bonus Addon Minecraft PE

Lucky Bonus Addon Minecraft PE

Are you jealous? Are you greedy? This add-on for Minecraft PE will drastically increase the value of the chest loot, so get ready to become extremely rich!

Creator: TheTrueOP1

Do you want to make survival of adventure a bit easier? The mobs will remain strong and smart, you will not get extra hearts or damage, but there is small, but valuable perk that is provided by Lucky Bonus Addon.

This Minecraft PE add-on does not increase the chance of drop; it just adds some additional extremely valuable items to the loot. For example, most of arrows in jungle temples has turned into diamonds. Fortunately, all the chests get extra-items, so development of your character may increase a lot. Do not miss you change to craft the best armor first!

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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