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Walking House Addon Minecraft PE

Walking House Addon Minecraft PE

It seems that even characters from fairy tales may be not only weird, but useful too! Meet the Walking House for Minecraft PE.

Creator: Raboy_13

What things do you call strange? Flying zebras? Fish that runs? We found probably the weirdest thing in the whole Minecraft PE universe. Yeah, it is even worse than pink Ferrari. Meet the Walking House! You may come across the similar creature reading the European fairytales.

The house replaces golem, so the ways to get them are similar. The building will look like the hut over the seashore, but player may move it. We are a little bit disappointed, because you can move the house, but you cannot ride the house. We hope that in future updates creators will fix this issue. But we highly recommend you to see walking house by your own eyes, so there is short video below!

  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a file in-game

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