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Double Drops Addon Minecraft PE

Double Drops Addon Minecraft PE

Have you ever got some really rare drop in Minecraft PE? If your answer is yes, you are much luckier than us. But Double Drops Add-on is here to increase your loot!

Creator: Krish12003

Imagine that you are playing survival mode of Minecraft PE with your friends on a small seed, and the map have been almost out of resources, but you have moved far enough and really do not want to waste all the progress. So what should you do? Just download the Double Drops Add-on!

It has two main advantages, that will make survival mode experience much easier. The first feature is that amount of all the drop was multiplied by two. And the second feature is that chance of drop of rare items is two times bigger, so you will obtain enough of wither skulls in much shorter terms. Isn’t it great, huh?


Published: shans; Category: Addons for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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Krish12003, Fabfun 21 June 2018 02:38
This is a warning to the manager/moderator of this website. If you do not remove my addon from this website, I assure you that I will copyright strike it and take it down. The image used is also property of a youtuber named 'Fabfun' and therefore will also be taken down due to copyright reasons. I will provide you with 14 days before taking any action. I suggest that you remove all my content from this website.

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