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Epic Cliffs (Base) map Minecraft PE

Epic Cliffs (Base) map Minecraft PE

Huge base called Epic Cliffs will proof you that even defensive buildings can look astonishing, but still remain highly efficient.

Creator: Tpops2017

We are happy to introduce you the best mountain base that we have found in MCPE. At first, it makes all landscape features useful against monsters. At second, vast of its rooms are connected with each other by the network of tunnels, so even if you need to go to other part of base, we doubt that you will go upstairs.

If you thought that Epic Cliffs, the name of base, cannot be developed, you have been mistaken. For example, there is an opportunity to improve redstone security or make some changes at your discretion.

Published: shans; Category: Maps for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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Epic Cliffs (base) map Minecraft PE

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