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The NetherCaster Addon Minecraft PE

The NetherCaster Addon Minecraft PE

Become a powerful Nether master and make your Aether enemies to cry from suffering. You are the one, who can end this pointless war and bring peace!

Creator: Cheete

We are sure that you know a lot about the endless war between Aether and Nether. Imagine that you are the ally of Nether now and you believe that you will certainly win. So, we want to make your gaming experience much more authentic to this story and introduce add-on for Minecraft PE that will definitely handle with this task.

• Nether Hounds are neutral and can be tamed by players.
• Hell spider became stronger, but they are friendly to everyone from Nether faction.
• Fire Creepers obtained an ability to cause much more powerful explosions.
• Lavabone is similar to skeletons, but it shoots fire arrows, has some extra hearts and will not be burned by the sun.
• Nether dragon is stronger than default Elder dragon
• TNT block will make some extra damage and the fire cause by explosion will last for several additional seconds. By the way, player is immune to fire.
• And the most unexpected transformation: pigs have turned into zombie pigmen. If you will tame some of them, they can protect you house from zombies.

By the way witches, slimes, villagers, iron golems and edermites are in ally with Aether now and the all are hostile to you. And we believe that you are the right person to bring some peace on this land, even though violence. Moreover, you will obtain two more usefull items: ender pearls and lightsphere (summoning lightning bolts).

  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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