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Mob Squad Texture Pack Minecraft PE

Mob Squad Texture Pack Minecraft PE

The characters of the Mob Squad animated series are now in Minecraft PE. Every character looks pretty the same, so true fans could estimate this pack extremely high.

Textures by: Goreckicraft123, Hank & Jed Movie Pictures, Core24

“Mob Squad is one of the best animations about the Minecraft PE, but I had come across it only two days ago, and I can make you sure that it is awesome! After I have watched the first episode, I decided to create mobs that will look just like characters from the cartoon.” The author ensures you that this texture pack was created by him only, but agrees that animated series inspired him for this.

We are completely agreeing with this great guy and recommend you to watch all the episodes, you will definitely love this show. But you must be informed that the texture pack changes only default appearance of mobs, and nothing more. Cow and chicken does not refer to Mob Squad, they are Easter eggs of the upcoming texture pack.

  1. Download Texture/Resource .McPack
  2. Download Map (doesn’t include the resource pack)
  3. Download .ZIP (Textures & Map)

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Meghan Farren 16 April 2021 02:35
I love mob squad

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