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Dragon Block Frieza Addon Minecraft PE

Dragon Block Frieza Addon Minecraft PE

Is there anyone was looking for porting of Frieza race characters from Dragon Ball manga to Minecraft PE? Anyway, somebody has done it, and it looks awesome.

Creator: Jgmods, JinRyuu

Characters of popular franchises have already been ported to the Minecraft PE, so it is very hard to find the new and interesting approaches. But we found one and it is Frieza race, that came to MCPE from Dragon Ball manga series. There are only five of them but they are famous for their strength and cruelty. Some fans call them Frost Demons. The creator admits that his knowledge in Dragon Ball universe is not perfect and apologies for any inconsistencies.

Amount of their hearts is vary between 75 and 110. All of this creatures are immune to damage caused by fire, range mobs shoot modified snowballs and the melee ones has 4 damage per attack. They are all designed with the shades of pink, purple and yellow, that is why they may seem cute to you, but all Frienza are hostile to players.

  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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