» » » -1828973848: Island Village & Ocean Monument

-1828973848: Island Village & Ocean Monument

-1828973848: Island Village & Ocean Monument

Underwater temples with ancient treasures and the lonely island village. Haven’t you mentioned the perfect seed for Minecraft PE survival mode?

Found by: HeroSuperGaming

Most of temples and other architecture masterpieces are placed above the waterline, so it is easy to create Minecraft PE adventures with them. But would not it be more creative, if the building itself will be underwater? Island Village & Ocean Monument seed gives you an opportunity to check it up.

So as you might guess, you will find ancient underwater temple in a distance of approximately 100 block from the spawn. We must warn you that it is protected by the elder guardians, so you have to be careful while playing survival mode. Also, it is highly recommended to take a lot of breath potions with you. By the way, there will be special surprise for player who will continue the exploration!

Seed: -1828973848

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