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Command Block Train [Redstone] Minecraft PE

Command Block Train [Redstone] Minecraft PE

Finally, you can drive your own train in Minecraft PE! Rails are pretty short, and the way of moving may surprise you, but admit that it is better than nothing.

Creator: umerkk164

Minecarft PE player have been dreaming for the real trains and railroads for ages, but the developers confirmed that this feature is not in their top-list. Anyway, some true enthusiasts created small train and short rails for it. But there is a lot of differences between the map and the real life.

First of all, this creation is using Redstone and command blocks that have not been released yet, so you must have version 1.0.5 installed on your device. The total length of the rails is 200 blocks and there is a station in the end of it. To make train move you have to step on the next plate inside the locomotive – one plate is equal moving forward for one block, so there is no chance to move fast. Command Block Train is still in the development stage, but some of you may want to test it right now.

Important: This map requires version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Android users can sign up for a beta here!

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