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Sheeptastic! Addon Minecraft PE

Sheeptastic! Addon Minecraft PE

Make the ordinary sheep the most versatile creature in the Minecraft PE. Seriously, we are sure that you will be wondered by its potential!

Creator: Falkenvergh

Thanks to Sheeptastic! Addon, the sheep will become one of the most useful and multifunctional creatures in the Minecraft PE. So there are four new ways to interact with the sheep, and all of them are described below.

As a mount: You need to feed the sheep with brown mushroom and then saddle it. It would not only increase your speed, but also give some boost in case if you need the gold hoe

As a pet: to tame a baby sheep, player has to feed it with red mushroom and the hay bale. Remember that it cannot protect you from hostile mobs.

Using the apple aby pet could be transformed into familiar sheep, that will fight for you. It is able to do a total of 15 damage to your enemies at once.

Black Sheep is some kind of boss. It is not yet saddled mount that ate a ghast tear. This form can only make damage to the field, but if it would eat some coal, sheep achieves the ability to cast fire blasts into anyone.

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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